Go 5 informs residents of Victoria, Australia how much electricity an average household uses. Go 5 sets a target to reduce electricity use to the target of 5 kWh of electricity per person per day, or better!

Our goal is to help householders understand and take control of their energy use, to help them conserve electricity, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The selection of 5kWh was based on what is achievable for most Victorians. The target aims to alert high electricity users to their high levels of consumption, while increasing energy literacy overall.

Go 5 was developed by NAGA (Northern Alliance for Greenhouse Action) in partnership with the councils of Darebin, Horsham, Hume, Manningham, Melbourne, and Nillumbik, Moreland Energy Foundation, Energy Return, and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries funded under the Victorian Adaption and Sustainability Partnership. This project was funded through the Victorian Government's Sustainabiliity Fund under the Victorian Local Sustainability Accord.